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Our Services

We are a permanent unit on campus, primarily serving the faculty and students of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), with additional testing services available for individuals from outside the university. Our goal is to provide comprehensive body data analysis and a variety of physical fitness assessments. It's important to note that we are not responsible for the project commissioned by the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration, which involves the development and management of the national physical fitness database. These are two distinct entities.

Our main responsibilities include:

  1. Conducting physical fitness assessments and offering consultation services for faculty, staff, and students on NTNU's campus.
  2. Assisting administrative and academic units within the university with physical fitness testing activities.
  3. Managing administrative and testing operations at the Physical Fitness Center.
  4. Organizing on-campus physical fitness promotion programs and related courses.
  5. Administering physical fitness assessments for the Ministry of National Defense's talent recruitment program.
  6. Conducting the annual campus-wide physical fitness assessments for the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration.
  7. Offering physical fitness assessments for the general public and recreational national fitness assessments off-campus.
  8. Delivering off-campus physical fitness promotion programs.
  9. Providing support for physical fitness assessments in projects funded by the National Science Council related to sports science.
  10. If teachers have a class-wide testing requirement, please contact the Physical Fitness Center in advance to make necessary personnel arrangements.