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Refund & Make-up Class

Application for refund
  1. If the student registered for the swimming class asks for a refund before the course starts, the patron can receive 90% payment as a refund; if the courses haven't been taken more than 1/3, 50% payment can be refunded; if the course has been taken more than 1/3 of the class, no refund can be made. The refund date starts at the time when the refund application form is submitted.
  2. Suppose the student registered for the swimming class is sick, injured, or on a mensural period (the former 2 cases must provide the medical certificate from the hospital) and need a refund because of being unavailable to attend the course. In that case, one can have a refund base on the portion of the left of the classes after the case is reviewed and passed by the school.
  3. The student registered by the discount plan cannot use the discount fee to calculate the refund if applying for the refund. It depends on each swimming class's original price on the natatorium regulation list.

Make-up Class
  1. The swimming class student has to enter with a permit. The permit cannot be loaned, faked, or modified by anyone. If found, it will be dealt with according to the circumstances' seriousness, the natatorium will cancel the student's qualification, and the school will give no refund.
  2. If one of the students from the group classes, one-on-two tutoring classes, or one-on-three tutoring classes fails to show up during the class for any reason, it will be regarded as giving up the right to take the class, and the coach shall not be asked to make up another class. The natatorium reserves the right to change and adjust the management measures for the opening of swimming pools. Relevant information will be announced on the website or in the natatorium without prior notice.