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Venue for Cheerleading Team

Precautions for borrowing venues on the Gongguan campus
The Available Time and Venue for borrowing the venue:

Venue for Cheerleading Team
Outdoor Venue: Green PU area, Outdoor Stage (ceremony stage), semicircle PU area of athletic field (behind the goal)
Indoor Venue: Taekwondo mat areaSepak takraw area

To check the week reservation scheduled, please see the link:

======= Notes are listed below =======
It is only available for department team practice registration from Monday to Friday during the semester. If it is for on-campus renting, please fill in the on-campus borrowing form and submit it to the Athletic Department
(Athletic Department Website> Sports Facilities Rental> Gongguan Campus> Venue for Cheerleading Team)

1. The weekly times of each team will be distributed evenly in principle, to be fair. As most of the varsity team training time ends at 20:30 this semester, the indoor venue arrangement will start at 20:30. On Thursday night, National Taiwan University Physiotherapy is fixed in the Taekwondo mat area to assist the track and field team in sports massage and relaxation, so it is not convenient to borrow at this time.

2. Every Monday morning at 00:00, the borrowing form for the week is open, and the venue is scheduled to be announced before 14:00 on Monday. (The week of 10/12 is different. It starts from 00:00 on Tuesday, 10/12, and the venue is open for borrowing from 10/12 to 10/15. Starting from 10/18, the original rule of filling out orders at 00:00 will be returned.)

3. Please make sure to use the venue. If the borrower fails to arrive, it will be forbidden to participate in the application venue for one week.

4. Other venues in the gymnasium (the takraw area and the taekwondo mat area of the 1F indoor athletic field) need to consider the end time of the varsity team training, and the starting time may change slightly every week. The actual use location is allocated by the Athletic Department. When filling in the form to borrow, you can check the venue and arrange it in the order of filling in the form. Borrower may choose more than one venue when filling the borrowing form, the Athletic Department will arrange according to the order.

5. Semicircle (A is on the side of the Zhongzheng Hall, B is on the softball field): The actual position is allocated by the Athletic Department, and the practice must end on time at 21:00. If violates, the offenders are prohibited from applying for the venue for one week.

6. Dangerous actions are forbidden, and offenders are prohibited from participating in the application for one week.