Smart Fitness Cecnter will begin trial operation starting on 2/20 (Monday).

As the new semester approaches, the expected completion date for the weight training room on B1 gymnasium is 3/15. After completion, safety testing will be conducted to ensure everyone can use the new weight training room safely. Therefore, during the period before the opening, for those who want to exercise, we welcome you to go to the third floor of the swimming pool. Our smart fitness center will begin trial operations from 2/20 (Monday)! During the trial period, it is open for free to all NTNU students to exercise. We welcome you to come and experience it!

"The classes that were originally scheduled to take place in the weight training room on B1 of the gymnasium on this campus will be temporarily moved to the intelligent fitness center. Once the aforementioned construction is completed and confirmed for use, the classes will be moved back and announced separately.

🔸The current opening hours of the intelligent fitness center are as follows:  
Monday to Friday 8:00~17:30, closed during class periods
(Class schedule is shown in the attached picture)

🔸Path video to the intelligent fitness center:

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